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ID AntiPopup 1.2

ID AntiPopup is top quality blocking program of alltroublesome...

ID AntiPopup is top quality blocking program of alltroublesome popup windows, providing more comfortable, safer, and easierinternet navigation.

Blocksor unblocks pop-ups that will show-up when surfing over theInternet. ID AntiPopup can disable allpop-ups from interfering with you viewing a certain web-site, and canalso enable you to see them.

IDAntiPopup stores a list of all pop-ups that have been preventedfrom showing on your computer`s screen, and automatically deletes themwhen encountered.

You can view and modify this list at all times. Allowsyou to keep two different lists: a white and a block one. On the whitelisted items, you can introduce the address of an allowed popup window,and under the block listed items you can add a popup for it to block.

Preventsattacks directed at your computer via pop-ups. Some popup windowshave dangerous content that will harm your computer, unless they arestopped at entrance.

Searchesand monitors various pop-ups in quest forharmful or useless ones. Using different search engines, ID AntiPopupdetects corrupt popup windows and will prevent them from showing on yourcomputer`s screen.

IDAntiPopup is extremely easy to use; it`s fast and has greatefficiency. It has a simple and convenient graphic interface and takeslittle space on your disk to run.

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